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Cheerful Smurfs live in their own world, where they settle in mushroom houses. There are very different characters waiting for you here, and not all of them get along with each other. But these funny gnomes are not at war - they find out the relationship in competition with each other. You can join the exciting games of the Smurfs by choosing your team or character.


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The Smurfs were invented by Belgian Pierre Cullifier in 1958. He drew an entire comic strip about his characters in Le Journal de Spirou. The artist opened a whole world for readers, in which there is a country of dwarves with their own language and customs. You may not know what "smurfy" or "very smurfy" means yet, but the language of the Smurfs is easy to learn if you are into games, cartoons or comics about these characters.

Famous heroes are waiting for you in our collection: Lazy Smurf, Grouchy, Brainy Smurf and others. They all live in a tiny village where the path from the human world is closed. The inhabitants here are similar to each other: short stature, white hats and blue skin. But they have different personalities and hobbies. How to see what these tiny creatures are doing? This is easy to do if you download any children's game about the Smurfs from our collection.

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