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Robocar Poli works as a lifeguard who instantly arrives at every call for help. Her friends help her in this: the fire-fighting robocar Roy and the medical robocar Amber. Together with them, you have to carry out various tasks to rescue, repair and extinguish fires.


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Robocar Poli - online games with a favorite children's character

Children's games about Robocar Poli are filled with bright adventures. All of them are based on the popular cartoon about rescuers. The events take place in the fabulous city of Broometown and perfectly convey the atmosphere of friendship, mutual assistance and gaiety in which the characters live.

In this world, there are only cars, planes and trucks that can talk and take different forms. But there is also one person in Broometown - a little girl named Jean. She has a sharp mind and a courageous character. Jin works as a dispatcher and sends cars to help other residents of the city. Robocar Poli and her friends may be different in character, but they are very friendly and come to the rescue in any situation.

Together with the heroes, you can perform interesting tasks:

  • look for missing items;
  • get out of the maze;
  • repair broken vehicles and much more.

And the smallest gamers can play a game for children with robocar Poli, in which they need to add puzzles or paint coloring pages.

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