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In games from the series Wander Over Yonder you can join the adventures of two true friends: traveler Wander and the horse Sylvia. These brave heroes decided to help all the inhabitants of the Galaxy. They fight against the insidious Lord Sinister, who wants to take over the universe. And with your help, they will definitely win!


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Exciting space odyssey for kids

Fun educational games for children from the series "Wander Over Yonder" perfectly develop and help to entertain the child. They are based on the animated series of the same name.

The player will have to do puzzles, fight an army of one-eyed watches led by Commander Peepers, and solve interesting cases. In short, you need to do everything to restore order in the Galaxy and cope with rivals. This is an adventure in the spirit of space heroes, but without violent fights and dangerous moments. After all, a worthy rebuff can be given in other ways, for example, demonstrating your ingenuity and resourcefulness.

What are Wander and his beautiful horse Sylvia up to this time? Launch any game from the Wander Over Yonder series to help them in their daring missions. Our heroes are very different in character, but they are very friendly and always help out friends in difficult situations.

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