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Little Pou is your funny virtual pet. It can be fed, put to bed, cleaned, treated, decorated. In every game with Pou, something special happens. He can get sick, get dirty or get ready to visit somebody. And all the time he needs the help of a caring owner. It is worth helping a cute alien, and you will definitely make friends.


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Pou games have won the hearts of thousands of children around the world. Don't you know about this funny alien yet? Then immediately download any game with Pou to get to know him. He came to us from a distant inhabited planet, but is in no hurry to return home. This amazing alien loves to travel the Earth and meet new people. He has large eyes and a triangular body, and because of his brown color, he even somewhat resembles a poop. But in fact, this is a clean and cute character that evokes only positive emotions.
And Pou has long been living not alone on Earth. He has a girlfriend and even children. You, too, can get to know and help them with their daily activities. Go through different levels, take care of the aliens, and in return they will share their cosmic secrets!

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